PickTaxi Mobile

Picktaxi mobile will make the process of ordering a taxi quick and easy.

Booking modes

There are two main methods users can book a taxi:

  • Either by “shout” for a nearby taxis. In this case, you can either set a destination point or leave it empty. If destination point is set then as a user you will be able to see three types of taxis on your map, those that are occupied in red, those that are free in yellow and those that can be shared and have the same destination or share similar path in blue. After a user shout, he/she has to wait for any driver to confirm, then the user can confirm his booking and wait for the taxi to arrive. While waiting the car will be highlighted in a different color.
  • Or by selecting a specific taxi (either nearby or among its favorite) and start negotiating with it to set up the time and place of pickup.

Payment modes

  • Electronic payment: Our system allow for credits to be stored by us on behalf of the rider to allow for electronic payment to the driver. We will also keep books of your rides and how much you paid saving you the trouble of keeping those invoices.
  • Cash: by allowing you and the driver to log that in the app, a rider can track his expenses and a driver can track his income vs the mileage vs number of working hours. That information will be displayed in attractive charts for the taxi and the rider.