FAQ Page

PickTaxi is the name of our company. Our product Picktaxi is a smart phone application enabling riders to efficiently pick a taxi on the road.

Most of our competitors offer a service to book a taxi in advance and offer payment but they overlook that most users might need a taxi on the go. So it will be easier for them to pick one that is nearby or will be free soon. Picktaxi also allow for shared riding when both riders share the same path, thus lowering their costs and making the whole process greener.

PickTaxi gather information from taxi drivers and users and try cleverly to match them. The information are updated in real time to our servers allowing both users and drivers to discover each other easily.

PickTaxi also saves your frequent destination points on your cellphone for easy retrieval while you are on the go!

Install the mobile app on your smartphone and start interacting with it.

If you are a user then you can register from mobile or login using your facebook account.

If you are a driver then you need to prepare all of your papers and register online. You have to wait until we verify your information and activate your account.

PickTaxi helps drivers and users get good ride. Main features are:

  1. Simplicity: You can pick a taxi in three taps! You can either send a request to all nearby taxis or select one or more taxis depending on their ratings. You can even check your favorite taxis and see if they are nearby or available.
  2. Convenience: PickTaxi allows you to filter taxis near you according to their size, options, capacity and other important criteria. PickTaxi will also show you the rating of each driver and the rating of each Taxi averaged from other users.
  3. Safety: PickTaxi records all of your actions and driver’s action. You have full information about driver’s name, license, phone number, years in business and previous rating of the driver. Comments from other riders can also be shared for you to read.
  4. Availability: You can access the solution from your android or iOS or any phone that has HTML5 browser.

PickTaxi already supports android and iOS smartphones.

If you have a phone that supports HTML5 then you can use PickTaxi from your browser.

We are looking to find local partners worldwide who can help us in the expansion of the service. We are already in negotiation with several providers and we will update our list of cities soon.

If you choose to login with your facebook, then we don’t need to get your phone number. Logging with Facebook will allow us to retrieve information from facebook regarding your friends and their previous trips, thus highlighting whether you are going to share a driver with one of your friends. Beside rating on facebook can be made public and others can see it.

If you choose not to login with your facebook then we need to identify you and your cell number is the best way. You will receive an activation code from us.

The identification above is important to keep our ratings accurate and reflect real experiences.