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PickTaxi is an automated location-based taxi booking service that can be access from smartphones or web. PickTaxi will use several algorithms to optimize the matching between the rider and the taxi.




Our vision is to revamp the Taxi industry, making it safer, more efficient, easily shared, greener and simpler for both riders and drivers in the industry.




PickTaxi’s goal is to modernize and improve the taxi industry worldwide. We understand the challenges in this market and how each city is different from its neighbors. We develop our products on mobile and web to allow easy access for both users and drivers can communicate, negotiate and discover each other easily.

PickTaxi has already developed several solutions for the taxi industry, notably one for direct user to driver relation (Packtaxi Mobile, Packtaxi Web) and the other one is for taxi fleet management Picktaxi Fleet. Both solutions can be accessed from mobile, tablet or web. There are already a mobile version for android and iphone. Other mobiles can access HTML5 version which will get location and has the same features.

Our PickTaxi Fleet solution enables taxi companies to manage its fleets, quickly respond to requests, monitor gas level in each car and know their location at any point in time. PickTaxi Fleet will record all movements and log them in its database for further analysis later.




  1. Help users get a ride instantly and easily.
  2. Users can navigate the map, shout for a request (after optionally filling in their destinations, type of vehicle...etc) and drivers can respond to these requests.
  3. Both driver and rider can rate each other after the ride. This rating mechanism coupled with social element will make the transport industry transparent for both driver and rider alike.
  4. Users can also add some drivers to their preferred list and communicate with them directly.
  5. There’s also an element of shared riding in the application if both riders happen to share the same path.


Relax! PickTaxi will help driver and rider to make life simpler, discover common rides and share them making the experience environment friendly, affordable and more fun.



This Project has been incubated in FasterCapital.

Amie Gurd

Co-Founder at PickTaxi, Advisor at FasterCapital. Studied at Louisiana State University.
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Amie Gurd

Dan David

Mentor at PickTaxi, Venture Partner and Mentor at FasterCapital. Holds MBA from University of California.
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Dan David