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Book a taxi in three clicks

Shout for a taxi

Wait a minute to receive lot of replies

Choose the best driver according to their rating.

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Show you free or co-shared taxis on the map near you.

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Login with your acebook
to know how your friends rated drivers!

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Estimate fare between two points

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Precise time estimation for the driver to reach you

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Communicate directly with the driver via the app.

direct booking

Direct booking

Direct booking of a taxi without a dispatcher

social rating

Social Rating

Rate the driver and the vehicle separately

custom search

Custom search

Easily find appropriate car for your trip (number of persons, load)



Mobile app can save important points on your trips and allow you to select one of the previous points


  • mobile app

    Mobile App

    Allow users to contact taxis directly, negotiate and rate each other after the trip.

  • taxi fleet solution

    Taxi Fleet Solution

    You have a fleet of taxis and you want to get things organized! We have the solution!

  • door to door

    Door-to-Door service

    Picking up your kids or an elderly relative has never been easier!

PickTaxi is a dynamic service that can easily be adapted and changed per countries local laws and following people's traditions